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Winning at Omaha poker is impossible only if you don’t learn from your mistakes and don’t follow a strategy. Even if you what you use can’t exactly be called a strategy, it is still way better than nothing.

Omaha poker is not hard to win at, but it is more demanding than Texas Hold’em, for instance. This is because not all hands are worth playing. Omaha poker is all about being selective. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if you have to fold, but rather think of folding as your best alternative to playing bad cards that stand no chances of winning. And it’s always better to fold before betting when you have a poor hand. “Investing“ in a hand that has really no chances of winning is the biggest mistake you could possibly make at Omaha poker as it will only make you lose more.

A good hand that is worth playing is for instance 86JQ. If you have such a hand, you can call and with such a hand you will be able to flop flush and straight draws.

If your hand contains 63QQ and the pot hasn’t been raised, you can also call.The same goes for hands like 659K, just this is riskier because it won’t always qualify for the best hand. If you have another hand, similar with this one, which is pretty unlikely to win, but has a great potential to become a straight you can play it as long as it’s your turn to act and the pot hasn’t been raised until then. All this information about the pot is useful because if you know that somebody has raised it before he must have a better hand than you do, so the best option is for you to save your money for when the odds will favor your more.

A hand consisting of a 8899 is definitely worth playing as the chances of getting a straight or a flush are pretty high.Moreover, in all these cases, the chances of getting straights, flushes and even sets are high. Just remember to play them before the pot is raised.

On the other hand, if your hand consists of 4277 or 56QJ, your winning odds are not great at all. This sort of hand will be beaten by the others with no difficulties. It’s not worth raising and staying in the game with such hands under any circumstances; these hands are totally unplayable. And, the earlier you fold, the more money you save. This is the most important tip, especially when you switch from Texas Hold’em to Omaha poker and are not used to the major differences between the two games. Even though you may have considered them minor, everything depends on them.


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